How to make a blog

Hello Friends, In today’s tutorial we are going to learn how to start a blog and how to make a website.

Every time in our mind we have some ideas some thinking to start a blog but every time due to some consequences, we drop our idea. Blogging is just not a passion, It is also an method to earn money

with your passion. If we see the current scenario of information technology, there is a major growth of bloggers and developers. This thing is happening due to burst changes in It market and human lifecycle changes.

You certainly heard this line during travelling in metro or bus Ok Google what is…….. , Due to these behavioural changes a common youth didn’t want to ask questions from his neighbour, He want to ask a direct question on google.

So, As a blogger we are going to directly interact with user instead of neighbouring uncle. So, Whatever idea is in your mind create a blog a show your talent on that blog. It will help you

to nurture your mind as well as to help someone directly.

So, In this tutorial we will learn different types of blogging, different blogging sites, search engine optimisation settings etc.

Basically we can do blogging using two methods

  1. Free Method
  2. Paid Method

We will discuss every method one by one in detail. So, Let’s start our journey.

1.) Free Method to start a blog

This method is quite familiar and popular among youngsters. I always recommend this method to them who is not familiar to blogging. As, You don’t know much more about it, sharp your hands on it.

You didn’t have to spent money or anything else on it.

Basically in this method we use subdomains to host a website. I will also teach you certain website hosting and domain concept in other tutorial. So, Many companies provide subdomains for

new users, who want to start a new blog.

Subdomain : ( {Structure of Subdomain}


So, you can start your blog using these subdomains available over internet.

Example of Some Companies providing subdomains for blogging

1.) WordPress

2.) Weebly

3.) Blogger

3.) Wix

4.) tumblr

Instead of them a lot of service providers like godady provide you free subdomain hosting services for your blog. We will discuss how to make a blog using this in other tutorials. Now I am

only going to discuss. In this type of blogging you can also use ads but when your blog become much popular.

So, You can choose any service provider to make a blog, i prefer wordpress and weebly. They are more seo friendly and have diverse features.

So, These are our free blogging sites who provide you free blogging address.

2.) Paid Method to start a blog

In paid method, We use combination of hosting and domain. Hosting means providing you certain space on servers. Many companies provide servers available at different places to host your

website. In this method we have to purchase server from any hosting provider company like Bluehost, Hostinger, Bigrock, Namecheap etc. So, You can buy hosting from any of these companies.

Also, These company sell domains, Domain is just a name pointing to certain location on server. We will discuss this whole phenomena in detail in next tutorial.

So, When we are ready with domain and hosting, we will change nameserver details of hosting on domain providers site. Now after sometime our website become functional. So, Using Cpanel just

install WordPress, Joomla, zyro any site builder to build a beautiful site of yours.

So, This is a full idea of how to start blogging in detail. In the next tutorial, we will some new things.

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