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How to make a free blog using WordPress

Hey Guys, As we seen in previous tutorial ways to make a free blog. So, Today We are going to make a free blog using wordpress.

As I stated earlier you didn.t need heavy or expensive devices like Computer System or Laptop. We are going to start our blog using a single Smartphone. Let’s Start our tutorial.

1.)Just navigate to I just highlighted the keyword, As I stated in the previous tutorial there are two WordPress domains providing hosting. But, We have to go through the .com website as we can use it free with Subdomain.

open and click on Start your website. Website and blog are somewhat interrelated to each other, both use webpages.

2.)Create your account using simple forms as given in the below screenshot. Type your desired email, username, password, and create your WordPress account. Your username will be displayed publicly, you can change it in the future. You can also use google login or signup for easy account setup.

3.)After creating an account you need to choose your subdomain name. It Structure looks like ( So, Basically, we are choosing a domain name. During Choosing a domain or subdomain. Try to take the unique name for your subdomain. Enter your desired subdomain name to go further.

4.) After choosing domain you will see different options of domain name but currently we are going to make a free blog with wordpress so, choose ( free structure. So, Just select it as shown in last of given screenshot.

5.) After passing the 4th step of domain choosing. You will see the following page just skip reading everything and click on start with a free site. It will take you to the next step to make a free blog using WordPress.

6.)Now please wait for some seconds as your site configuration is in processing.

7.)Hurrah! you have created your life’s first blog and ready to move towards a new virtual world society.

8.) So your site has been created, Choose a name matching to your subdomain. It’s better for seo. We will discuss seo widely in a new post soon. Update your home page.

9.)Choose site title, tagline. Tagline helps to attain more SEO on a single or multiple keywords. So be careful while choosing a certain keyword.

10.) So on further moving to update your homepage. You can get this result to update this page. Just update page name , some post and move to next step.

11.) So, At this step your full website or free wordpress blog is ready. Now you can customise themes fonts extra further to give beautiful look to your blog. WordPress have a bunch of beautiful themes. You can use wordpress app to update your blog on your android smartphote. Now just click on view blog or trype on your browser. It will take you to your blog.


So, Here we studied how to make a free blog using WordPress. In the next tutorial we are going to learn, How to make a free blog using Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and weebly respectively.

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